Lamp shade as design element

All our lamp bases are presented with several shades, which – according to customers’ needs – create a classic or a modern silhouette.

For the shades we offer a wide range of fabrics to choose from, such as silk, in almost any colour. Special requests can also be fulfilled, such as a hand-painted zebra pattern or a glaze coat.

To achieve additional effects, you can also choose to laminate the inside of the lamp shade. Striking colours or unusual patterns on the inner side of the lamp shade do not only make it an eye-catcher, it can also determine the intensity of the emitted light. A transparent lamination makes the entire shade translucent, whereas an opaque lamination directs the light upwards or downwards through the adjustable angle.

Colour of inner shade

What makes FITZ Leuchtenschirm products special is the custom-made inner lining of all our lamp shades.

Our precise handiwork allows us to fulfil almost any wish. Create unique accents, using attractive colours, interesting patterns or precious surface finishes.